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Underwriting Questionnaires

Insurance Underwriters endeavour to measure risk by calculating factors likely to influence the frequency and severity of claims. Insurance Underwriters also build stochastic modelling tools for estimating probability distributions of potential outcomes by allowing for random variation in one or more inputs over time.


Based on a set of random outcomes, the experience of the policy/portfolio/company is projected, and the outcome is noted. Then this is done again with a new set of random variables. In fact, this process is repeated thousands of times.


At the end, a distribution of outcomes is available which shows not only the most likely estimate but what ranges are reasonable too. The most likely estimate is given by the distribution curve's (formally known as the Probability density function) center mass which is typically also the peak (mode) of the curve, but may be different e.g for asymmetric distributions.  


In order to develop stochastic modelling tools which are useful for calculating likely program profitability the Underwriting requires underlying information either in the format of known data or calculated and proven assumptions.


Our list of Underwriting Questionnaires attempt to extrapolate information which based on the Underwriters expertise enables them to price risk. Below are a selection of Underwriting Questionnaires for:


Gap Insurance/Waiver: