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Point of Sale and Claims Management Solutions for auto related products

Working with our partners and associates we can provide solutions to meet the individual needs of each client through a customized claims handling strategy and administration programme, designed to exceed client's expectations and benchmark against leading third party administrators of Europe and North America.


We can white label systems into our client's brands with the objective of providing a transparent, efficient and cost effective solution that enables a hassle free outsourcing of the management of claims, recovery management and related services.


These Systems allow Insurance Companies to achieve higher efficiency, greater awareness and penetration of product sales to a larger section of people. The primary focus is to bring a reduction in claims cost by effective claims administration without compromising the customer service experience, and bringing new standards with the help of advanced IT solutions.


Highlights of advanced IT Solutions


  • On line registration of claims by the Customer, Insurance Company, Broker or Agents and also directly at our Associates' offices.
  • Claims department of Insurance Companies will have access to claims information 24/7.
  • Capability to inform "Recovery" claims to Third Party Insurers electronically. The Third Party Insurer will be informed of the claim, with an access through a web link.
  • Customers will be updated on repair status and completion of repairs via sms.
  • Effective controls at all levels of Claims Management movement.
  • Savings will directly provide benefit by bringing better profitability to Insurers and Reinsurers.
  • Insurers can increase the portfolio of business they underwrite without increasing their Claims Management Team. 
  • Eradication of fraud and or inefficient claims management practices
  • Recovery of claims handled on an "Exchange" platform between various Insurance Companies.


Specific Benefits to Policyholders


  • A Professional Administration Solution will enable the clients of insurers to be provided with a high degree of customer-centric services to satisfy each and every one of their requirements.


  • Clients will have access to a facility to register their claims "on line" and also upload vehicle documents like registration card and driving license copies, police report copy and accident vehicle's photographs.


  • Claim status can be viewed online 24/7, without the need to call or visit workshop for updates.


  • Vehicle off-road time minimized


Dealers and Garage Benefits


  • With processes enabling real time online uploading of documents, and notifications via sms and mobile, turnaround times of each claim will be reduced dramatically.  


We can facilitate the availability and delivery of IT solutions and with the 24 hour support of call centres can provide a robust and comprehensive solution, either to end users or third parties and intermediaries seeking to provide a value offering.