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Warranty Insurance/Warranty Guarantee


Auto Warranty - A wide range of motor warranty coverage is available to protect the insured against the costs of sudden and unforeseen failure for specified components of the motor vehicle. The components covered by a warranty vary according to the age and mileage of the vehicle. A range of policies are available from wide protection on new or very young, (low mileage) used vehicles to more limited cover for older or higher mileage vehicles.


  • Additional Benefits - Mechanical breakdown policies may include additional benefits, such as towing-in charges, tyre care, MOT Insurance, care hire costs or overnight accommodation.


Household Appliance Warranty (commonly referred to as Brown and White) - policies are available to cover repair costs following breakdown for most household appliances. Most policies cover the cost of parts and labour. There is usually a maximum amount payable during the term of the policy and some may have a limit on each claim.


If the appliance cannot be repaired, some policies will replace the appliance with a new one of similar specification, or pay a cash equivalent if a similar model is no longer available. These are often called "new for old" policies. Other policies will make good up to the current value of the appliance after depreciation. If any appliance is replaced the policy will usually end.


  • Additional benefits


Some policies provide additional benefits, such as accidental damage or frozen food spoilage. 

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