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Multi-Line Commercial Package

Product Design


This product is designed to suit the Client that wants to assume a comfortable amount of day to day risk within a Self Insured Retention (SIR) with the more severe exposure is transfered to an Insurance Carrier.


A basket Aggregate Stop-Loss can be purchased to cap losses within the Self Insured Retention, so that exposures can be controlled. The Insured contracts with a qualified Third Party Adminsitrator to handle the claims to finality, and then reports to the insurance carriers.


This combination of self insurance and risk management allows the Client more control over their exposures enabling them to control and manage claims more efficiently and reap the benefits of savings in the form of lower premiums. It also improves cash flow with investment income. The client is not required to set aside the reserved claims within their SIR in an escrow account.


Target Classes (U.S. risks only)

  • Retail, Wholesale Stores;
  • Regional Supermarkets;
  • Hotels/Motels;
  • Hardware Stores;
  • Distribution Warehouses.


Limits and Coverage


Bespoke packages can be designed as per the client's requests, incorporating two or more lines of coverage and includes the following preferred maximum limits and minimum SIR's, the latter being determined by the Client's appetite for risk:

  • Property:                                                                    $2.5m Excess $50,000 SIR
  • General Liability                                                        $10m Excess $100,000 SIR
  • Auto:                                                                       $10m Excess $100,000 SIR
  • E&O/EPLI:                                                                $10m Excess $100,000 SIR
  • Workers Compensation/Employers Liability:       "Buffer"layer Excess $150,000 SIR
  • Crime:                                                                     $0.5m Excess $25,000 SIR
  • Aggregate Stop Loss:                                                $2m annual aggregate limit