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Marine Piracy

Insurance Coverage includes:

  • Ransom;
  • Loss of Hire;


Benefits of Coverage includes:

  • Balance Sheet Protection;
  • Business Continuity;
  • Access to Industry Experts - Mitigating the Loss;
  • Professional Team to assist the vessel post incident;
  • Rest and Rehabilitation Expenses - within 12 months of the release for victims, their spouses and children USD 25,000 per insured event;
  • Reimbursement of Ransom of up to USD 5m per insured event;
  • Loss in Transit of ransom of up to USD 5m per insured event;
  • Legal Costs of up to USD 5m per insured event;
  • Reasonable Costs of Port Authorities;
  • Fees and Expenses of Response Consultants and Independent PR Experts.


Key Skills:

  • Capability to turn around business from initial contact to policy issuance within 48 hours;
  • Construction of polices that place the safety of crews as the primary objective;
  • Exckusive access to the services of one of the leading response companies: direct access to professional crisis management and security consultants.