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After The Event Legal Expenses Insurance 

After The Event "ATE" Legal Expenses Insurance covewrs a wide variety of cases: from personal injury and clinical negligence claims to a broad range of commercial disputes (including insolvency, defamation and intellectual property) to complex litigation, including group actions.


Flexibility is key and standard product offerings can be apllied to:


  • court, arbitration or appeal proceedings;
  • whether there is a CFA (full or partial) or a private party paying retainer, with limits of indemnity to suit;
  • as top-up cover, whether to a before the event policy or an ATE policy;
  • through delegated authority schemes; or
  • as one-off policies.


Standard coverage can be extended to:


  • opponents's costs and own disbursements
  • interim adverse costs orders
  • counsel's fees where counsel is not acting under a CFA
  • investigative costs
  • the premium
  • retrospective adverse costs and own disbursements 


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