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Mocden Insurance Consultants
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International Insurance Experts

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  • Business Results - financial forecasting, planning and budget adherence, strategy analysis for continuous improvement. 
  • Operational Success - organizational policies/procedures, quality improvement programs, achieve performance management targets.
  • Resource Management - capacity management, telecom requirements, facilities management, stadffing forecasting, workflow allocation.
  • Client communications - nurture client relationships while uncovering opportunities for additional client support.
  • Training and Development - improvement of product training and delivery through internal and external client/customer surveys.


  • Ability to orchestrate successful customer-service programs for multiple insurance products  
  • To create financial modelling and budgeted forecasted revenue
  • Develop and implement fraud prevention procedures
  • Implement procedures to improve agent retention
  • Spearhead and develop processes and procedures to allow Clients to develop interdepartmental communication avenues for the enhancement of organisational performance
  • Implementation of client interfacing programs to increase responsiveness to customer demands. 


Industry Experience

  • Banking and Insurance Sectors
  • Insurance Brokers