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Pricing Guidance

Because of our unrivalled expertise - predominantly underwriting backgrounds - we can identify risk factors and consider these before any presentation is made to Insurers. This ensures that both us and any clients we represent maintain their credibility during the "courting phase".


Like most businesses Insurance carriers are stretched for resources and are more likely to respond to an enquiry, if it is presented to them in terminology they understand.


We have particular pricing expertise in the following product lines:


Extended Warranty - Heavy Plant & Auto & Trucks

Gap Insurance

Accident, Sickness and Unemployment

Product add-ons/Scheme Business - Pick 5/Pick 6, Waterline, Auto Deductible Reimbursement, Membership Programs

Residual Value Insurance


In respect of the above we can ask you to complete questionnaires to extrapolate the information we require.


Insofar as other product lines we can quickly liaise with Underwriters and ensure we provide you with relevant guidance on the most appropriate information that is likely to have a major bearing on the Underwriter's decision whether to provide cover, and on the terms of the cover that will be provided (the quote).


We appreciate how sensitive this area is but will seek to discuss these points through with you, taking account of the due diligence and empathy that it deserves.


Please contact us for a confidential discussion.