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Job Loss Protection of America, Inc



Job Loss Protection of America, Inc has over 25 years of solid property and casualty and speciality lines insurance experience. Job Loss Protection of America Inc. was the first to develop the Mortgage Guardian Job Loss Protection concept in 1999. It is backed by "Excellent" - rated insurance companies, and widely accepted by the loan servicers and investors.


What is Job Loss Protection?


Following the credit crunch of 2007 consumers are still anxiously awaiting the gradual recovery of crumbling economies. Key research indicates that one of the major factors people fail to meet their financial obligations is as the result of loss of income following the loss of their job.


Job Loss Protection of America, Inc proudly offers a layer of protection against loss of income due to involuntary unemployment. It protects the committed monthly repayment to the Account Servicer or Policyholder if your customers become involuntary unemployed.


This product - see Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) - can reduce your arrears, provide book retention and acts as a powerful retention, loyalty and revenue generation tool:


  • It allows Distributors - Mortgage Providers, Unsecured Lenders, Credit Card Providers, Motor Manufacturers, Telecom Providers, Energy/Utility companies, Motor Distributors, House Builders, Educational Care Product Providers, Retailers, Affinity Groups - to increase more sales of their core product offerings whether it is mortgages, unsecured loans, credit cards, motor vehicles, telecom and utility services, building and supply of homes and or enhancement benefits for an affinity group.


  • It instals customer confidence as a positive buying decision is greatly influenced by the security and knowledge that Job Loss Protection is there to eradicate the possibility of customer default on their monthly committed repayments following job loss.


  • Futhermore, Job Loss Protection provides the Distributor with the additional security to reduce account delinquency and default costs that would otherwise compromise cash flow, and affect the long-term financial security of your business