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Their information technology strategy is centered on providing seamless integration with its distribution partners and a system that empowers its workforce and facilitates innovation by providing the tools and flexibility to provide top-tier administration services in a dynamic competitive environment.


From its inception this MGA has continually invested in, developed and improved its own proprietary information systems.


A key characteristic of their profit Track system is utilization of the same "web based" tools by all system users whether the function is being used by a dealer or by its own personnel. This assures results will be consistent between users and reconciliation issues isolated and minimalized or eliminated.


This MGA will install software at the Dealerships integrating the F & I function with their own, allowing transactional data to be shared for both quoting and other uses. Dealership personnel can then access the system via the web with user ids and passwords controlled at the Dealership.


Technology Highlights:

  • New business Quotes via PT-Rates
  • Cancellation Quotes via PT-Cancel
  • Contracting via PT-Contracts
  • Self billing via PT- Bill (Issues - Cancels - Claims) eliminating AR/AP issues
  • Electronic process eliminates claim handling issues for contracts in process
  • Electronic data pull from dealers DMS eliminating the need to re-key data
  • All OEM/Dealer reporting accessible via the web portal or email
  • Expanded insurance (reinsurance) reporting
  • Full support on a real time basis
  • Claims authorization and payment